Welcome to the sagas of Mitch Torrance and Jack Saunders!

Writing as Rory Tillitson... I will take you on voyages around the South Pacific on a single hulled sailboat named Susurrus, captained by Mitch Torrance... a man with a past he would rather forget, you will meet several people that play important roles in Mitch's life that you will come to know as well as your neighbors and friends.

You will be introduced to the women that make up a large part of his life... there is sex, romance and yes... tragedy involved. Mitch encounters people that at the same time aid him in his journey as well as shape his future persona... he falls deeply in love and yet there is heartbreak... however... later he meets another woman who he becomes involved with while trying to help her aid her father. You will love her almost as much as Mitch.

You will get to know your way around Mitch's craft... The fifty nine foot Susurrus is designed and built by him and it is computer controlled so that by simply speaking a way point or destination... the ship sails to any place in the ocean he gives it... using various inputs like GPS and radar to avoid land masses and other vessels... his travels continue to make his past resurface as he encounters pirates, drug dealers and unscrupulous people in every area of the region... His travels and the people he meets constantly cause him to return to the life he so desperately wishes he could leave behind

Shadowfox deals with an assassin, Jack Saunders is a ghost, a free-lance killer for hire, his methods usually being subtle and discreet has made him a desirable person to use to remove people from their lives, his life he tries desperately to remain invisible, however he becomes involved with a woman during an exercise (mission) and recruits her as an accomplice, his life is a mix of darkness and light, he is an enigma to most, including himself.

My books are on sale at Amazon the links are below...It is important to note YOU DO NOT NEED A KINDLE... Amazon has free apps for PC's, Tablets and smartphones... all like Kindle let you mark your place so you can continue reading where you left off... I've tested the PC app and it works great... when you buy a book it automatically shows up on your computer.

You can check out my work here... there are links (left side of the page) to Episode One Chapter One, Episode Two (entire book by chapter) and the first chapter of Episode Three... Episode Four is published... Episode Five is now published... Episode Six is in final draft... I hope you enjoy my work... comments and criticism are welcomed!

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