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In Trinidad and Tobago... it is warm and the time is...

Welcome... I hope you enjoy your stay...

This is the beginning of a new chapter in...

The ongoing saga that is the life of Troy...

Here you will find links to some disparate subjects as well as my contact information. My interests are many and varied, as many perhaps as the paths I have taken during my journeys through life... I have gotten into the design of websites, quite an undertaking as many who have done this I'm sure can attest.
I have also gotten into writing fiction... see more below. I've also written in a new style Shadowfox, this concerns an assassin, This was written for the National November Writing Month contest... I finished and published it, read more on Rory's page


OK... I have written a book... well nine so far... "Susurrus Episode I, II, III, IV, V and VI" are published, I completed Firefox, the sequel to Shadowfox and my newest Killing Fog. My pen name is Rory Tillitson. The first chapter of Episode One is here Episode I Chapter 1 chapters of episode two are located on the link above... "Susurrus Episode II" begining with Chapter 1 or click here! There is also the first chapter of Episode III here Episode III Chapter 1
Episodes I, II, III, IV, V and VI as well as Shadowfox, Firefox and Killing Fog are available on Amazon for sale for Kindle and they have free apps for PC's, tablets and phones. My Amazon page is here

Enjoy and let me know what you think of it OK?

The newest novel Killing Fog is out!

There are several episodes of Rory Tillitson's novel Susurrus. The books revolve around a large single hulled sailboat designed and built by Mitch Torrance a man with a shady past. He sails his boat around the South Pacific which is entirely computer controlled hauling goods to small islands where he encounters trouble in the form of pirates, Sally a young woman trying to save her kidnapped father, other sailboats in trouble on the ocean as well as other trouble. In his travels he gets involved with several women who play an important role in his life. You will meet several characters that are integral to the story that is Mitch's life. There is mystery, intrigue and sexual encounters. Mitch wishes he could leave his past behind him - these characters and more are brought to life in the Susurrus series.
Shadowfox and its sequel Firefox involves an assassin, he's very good and expensive, his contracts rarely look like the hits they actually are, he plays cat and mouse with law enforcement and government agencies
Killing Fog is about Frank Walker, ex-marine sniper turned killer trying to dodge his past life, meet him and his love.

Please Send me your thoughts about the book today
Click here!

All comments regardless of whether they are positive or negative are gratefully appreciated!

My personal belief is that a website should at first capture the viewers attention, no matter what your content is ... if it doesn't get a good first impression the "surfer" is Gone in a Second!... anyway that's just my take... What's yours?

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